Campfire Omelet in a Bag

An omelet cooked in a freezer bag submerged in boiling water while on a camp out is not a new novelty. I have read that some folks have been doing it for as many as 20 years. However it is relatively new to me and while it is not a new idea I don’t believe it to be a well spread one. So here I am to share the knowledge, some really delicious knowledge.

For starters as far as egg transportation purposes, cracked and put in a water bottle or other bottle fashion by use of a funnel is the only way to go. You can carry a dozen eggs as easy as a bottle of Aquafina. For the omelet it is not much more difficult:

Step 1:

Put your scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon crumbles, vegetables or whatever your heart desires into the freezer bag. Try to take out as much extra air as possible. It helps keep the omelet submerged for even cooking and not taking on a funny shape.

step 1

Ham and Cheese

Step 2:

Put the bag and contents into a medium sized pot 3/4 full of simmering or light boiling water. Allow to cook until firm. Usually about 5 or so minutes, depending on the heat of your water and how many eggs.

step 2

Few minutes, until firm

Step 3:

Remove the bag from the water, plate and consume. It really is that easy. It is not going to be as delicious as an omelet fried up in a pan with butter with crispy edges, but it is pretty darn good, clean, and about as easy as it gets.

step 3

That is a good looking omelet

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