Buck 770 FlashPoint LE Knife


This is my EDC, (everyday carry) whether I am hiking, hunting, or sitting around the house. I am a huge Buck fan, with over 100 years of experience they certainly know what they are doing.  I’ll take the Pepsi Challenge with a Gerber against my Buck any day of the week.
So this one comes with a few upgrades from its grandfather the Buck 110 folding Hunter.  It boasts a 2.87 titanium coated 420HC steel blade 4.50 inches closed, 7.25 inches overall length weighing a mere 4.0 oz.  It has the Buck SUR-Lock mechanism that locks blade both open and closed; easy one handed opening and closing even with gloves.  It has an aluminum handle that is contoured for a secure grip and incorporates into the handle a bottle opener and carabiner clip.  No serration, I can’t stand serrated bladed knives. Unless I am cutting through animal bone (which is never) a serrated blade only acts to cut down on the amount of usable blade.

I was on a hunting trip over the Christmas break and we were high on deer and short on skinning knives so I pulled out my buck to help out, thinking I would make some headway until a skinner opened up. The little EDC buck ended up being enough knife for the entire deer and I used it for the loins as well for its small maneuverable size. It did need several sharpening’s along the way, but I would expect that from any knife.
I can’t say enough good things, it is an easy one handed open and close, holds a nice edge, has Bucks tradition of quality/durability, the price is right at around $40.00, and I even like the color :).

-Don’t take my word for it, ask Gene Moe; the guy who killed a grizzly bear in Alaska with the Buck Hunter in 1999.


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