Tips, Tricks, and Takeaways

Tips and Tricks and takeaways from Winter Camping

2016 February, Chickahominy Wildlife Management Area

2014 Amelia Wildlife Refuge

  • One Liter of alcohol per person seems to be enough for 2 days; some wine would have been nice.
  • Desk Jockey thing still rings true and seems to be evermore an issue.
  • 3 people still rocks!
  • A sleeping bag you can actually fit in would be nice. Damn Democrat sleeping bags!
  • Rib-eyes are STILL awesome!
  • Being next to the river is really really convenient, do tend to sit around and watch water boil though.
  • Longer nails worked out nicely especially for hanging stuff.
  • Macaroni and Cheese cooks up as nicely on a campfire as it does on your stove.
  • Pre-packaged red beans and rice is money, could use some meat in it.
  • Rack of lamb is a delight.
  • Eggs, grits, and sausage make for an easy and tasty breakfast.
  • Turkey legs on the fire are delicious and not that hard to cook.
  • Chainsaw sure would change things, tons of firewood, some nice benches, seats, tables.
  • The hike in is nothing, could afford a heavier bag.
  • Breakfast sandwiches still hit the spot: sausage egg and cheese on English muffin.
  • Having a sufficient amount of butter is handy.
  • Paper towels have a million uses.
  • First time with pine tree tea, very nice.
  • Dark chocolate with almonds makes a damn sexy s’more. More graham next time.
  • Coyotes at night are awesome.

2013 Amelia Wildlife Refuge

  • Being a desk jockey 364 days out of the year and a lumberjack 1, will make you sore.
  • More alcohol, maybe in the area of a liter per person.
  • 3 people is way better for firewood collecting then 2. Follow Les’s rule for firewood.
  • 2 knives are 1 and 1 is none. Double or triple up.
  • Some people may need to invest in a warmer bag and a better sleeping mat or a sleeping mat.
  • Pocket tarp was nice for sitting on or placing stuff on.
  • Steaks are still awesome.
  • Beavers make a weird sound at night, like a large stone getting thrown in the water. (KERPLUNK-SPLASH-KERPLUNK SPLASH)
  • Have a somewhat of a plan for the day, otherwise you may end up doing nothing then drinking at 3pm.
  • Fishing is hard.
  • Eggs cooked in tinfoil work out nicely. English muffins travel well and toast up even better. Needs ham and cheese for perfection.
  • Maybe 2 liters of water per person.
  • Nails and 550 cord are a must. Some longer ones would be nice.
  • Having a table is amazing.
  • Hot Italian sausages roasted and wrapped in a tortilla are money, beware of the tongue scorching oil. Needs mustard.
  • Wear your boots on the drive in.

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