Camp Food

“The difference between a good camping trip and a great camping trip is the food.”



Food to me always tastes better while camping. You are working hard; there is a smoking fire, it is cold out, its nostalgic, all those things. So what a perfect time to go over the top….Sometimes when I’m putting together camping menu I try to think of something that is as far as possible from camping food. (I am talking about backpacking camping food not car camping food.) Not trail mix, ramen, or beef jerky, I am talking fried chicken or something, lol. (haven’t done it yet, but I will) If you like it at home, you will love it in the woods, I am talking real food, steaks, ribs, roasts, lobster, big meaty man meals. I cook a lot on rocks when they are available. Make a little chimney and put a rather flat rock across it, a little oil, cooks up meat nicely. In the event there are no big stones around I cut 2 sticks down and cook it up skewer style. Two sticks through a ribeye work out very nicely.

I pretty much only do winter camping.  A lot of these meals would be a no go in the summer for backpacking without any refrigeration.  In the winter I find myself with the opposite problem, trying to keep my perishables from freezing.  One more reason why winter camping is better.

Don’t get me wrong I do less fancy meals too and I will put those ones up, mac n cheese, red beans and rice, bagged chicken. They are great and in a pinch every bit as good, but I have a chefs background so I do appreciate a fine meal alongside a fine wine if I have it my way.

Grilled Ribeye with Black Hawaiin Sea Salt

Grilled Venison Loin

Chicken with Tzatziki Sauce

Grilled Lamb Chops

Barbequed Skirt Steak Sandwich

Roasted Turkey Legs

Naan Bread Pizza


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