Cold Steel Magnum Kukri Machete

Kukri Machete

Kukri Machete

One of my favorite pieces of gear. The Cold Steel Magnum Kukri Machete. Anyone that has had the pleasure of using a Cold Steel product know they make quality blades, I have several pieces. It is a tough rugged beast that never quits. I have been carrying this kukri for years, I hook it to my belt and 550 cord the end to my thigh to keep it from flapping. In addition to being a great piece of gear, it is also cheap, right around $40. So if I were to lose it or accidentally chip it on a rock it doesn’t break my heart. This is a day in day out work horse machete, whether clearing a path, taking down spider webs, or getting small firewood this kukri is up for it. Great piece of gear, I highly recommend.

3 thoughts on “Cold Steel Magnum Kukri Machete

  1. A Leatherman is mandatory supplement to anyone’s camping kit. It can undertake most routine tasks and anything else you can throw at it.


  2. Yes, many of those Cold Steel machetes are really good.
    1055 steel being very tough.
    Machetes are useful, reliable tools.
    Chop better than a large knife.


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